Creative strategy and execution for brands with a focus on community and customer experience.

Our collaborative approach helps you better connect with your customers to form a loyal community of fans.

What We Do

We collaborate across disciplines, industries and cultures to create unmistakable experiences that propel brands forward.


I am Hillman Ball, a seasoned creative professional and multidisciplinary designer with over a decade of business development and partnership strategy expertise.

We inspire brands by providing creative solutions, particularly in the hospitality, consumer packaged goods, and public facing service sectors.


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We’ve had the privilege of working with organizations that connect, inspire, and fuel communities. They house, transport, and educate; they feed, clothe, and save lives.

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Our Process


Alignment on project scope, market, target audience and strategic drivers.


Establish the course and ensure we are on the right path before expansion.


Bringing ideas to life through imaginative design and detailed execution.


Launch and showcase the final product.


Monitor and refine for maximum impact.

Building impactful brands through strategic, creative and thoughtful execution.

Looking for something specific?



Competitive Analysis

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning


Content Strategy

Ongoing Consulting



Brand Identity

Art Direction

Product Design

User Experience



Website / Ecom / App



Creative Development

Front-End Web & Mobile

E-Commerce Integration

Tech Consulting



Whether you're a first-time founder starting your fundraising journey or a senior marketing executive ready to accelerate growth, we are positioned to meet you where you are and grow together.

Project Based

When you have a clear vision of what you need—be it a new website, a brand refresh, or packaging design—our Project-Based model is your go-to solution.

For first-time founders, startups, and businesses targeting specific, short-term goals.

This approach is ideal for specific, goal-oriented tasks where a clear objective is in sight. It allows for focused, intensive work to bring your particular project across the finish line with precision and creativity.

Integrated Creative Partnership

For businesses in the midst of transformation or those with ongoing creative needs, the Integrated Creative Partnership model offers a dynamic solution.

For companies needing strategic guidance, ongoing creative support, and partners seeking deep integration and brand understanding.

Unlike traditional retainer or fractional engagements, this model doesn’t tally hours but prioritizes your projects as part of our daily workflow. Whether you’re not quite sure where to start on your path to change or you need consistent, top-tier creative support, this model ensures you’re always at the forefront of our priorities. It’s designed for long-term goals and regular, monthly needs, providing a seamless extension of your team with all the benefits of an in-house creative strategist.


The Human Touch: An Emerging Flex

In our digitized world of machine learning and flawless AI, the ultimate luxury for brands may be embracing the imperfect. A delightfully loose, self-effacing aesthetic that says "we hardly tried" while having meticulously crafted every last happy accident.